Mark Porter

Mark Porter has held a number of technical executive roles in his career. Most recently, he was the Chief Technical Officer (CTO) of MongoDB, where he was responsible for crafting the long-term technology roadmap and vision for the company. Prior to MongoDB, Mark was CTO of Core Technology and Transport at Grab, Southeast Asia’s super app that provides everyday services such as ride-hailing, food, package, grocery delivery, mobile payments and financial services to millions of people, from October 2018 to July 2020. Previously, Mark was a General Manager at Amazon Web Services, from May 2013 to October 2018, where he led the Relational Database Service (RDS), Amazon Aurora and RDS for PostgreSQL, the AWS Database Migration Service, and the AWS Schema Conversion Tool. Prior to Amazon, Mark held various roles including CTO of the SLI division of NewsCorp and Vice President of Engineering at Oracle Corporation, as well as working at NASA/JPL and being an early member of the Oracle Database Kernel group.

He has been professionally coding since he was 16 years old and founded and ran his own electronics services integration company. Mark currently serves on the board of GitLab, the leading DevSecOps company. Mark previously served on the Board of Directors of MongoDB and on the Board of Directors of Splyt, a global mobility company. He also served as a Board Advisor to MariaDB, a database company. He holds a BS in Engineering and Applied Science from Caltech. 

Mark has been married for 25+ years and lives in both the US and Europe. He has five children.